HIS 423/1269


This seminar introduces students to current issues in the social history of medicine, and to some of the major developments in the modern history of the discipline.

The format will be a combination lecture/class discussion, based on themes covered in the course textbook.

Course Requirements

A major historiographical essay, 8–12 typescript pages in length.  The paper will select one of the weekly topics and delve in depth into the secondary literature on the subject, comparing and contrasting the authors’ varying approaches and interpretations.

The paper is to focus upon what historians have written about the topic, and is not to be a research paper on historical events in and of themselves.  Marking will be based in part on the student’s industriousness in seeking out relevant sources previously unknown to him or her.  The quality of the analysis and of the writing style will also be considered.

A tentative outline of the paper including a preliminary bibliography, worth 25 percent of the mark, is required by the middle of October.  The deadline for the paper is the final day of regular classes in the fall term.

Papers cannot be accepted beyond the due date unless proper University of Toronto medical documentation is received.

Basis of Marking

Preliminary outline, 25 percent, essay 60 percent, class participation 15 percent.  While regular class attendance is not compulsory, it is strongly advised.