Interest Groups

Interest Group in History and Philosophy of Medicine (IGPHM)

The Interest Group for the History and Philosophy of Medicine (IGHPM) was organized and is led by a group of medical students. The group runs an annual speaker series dedicated to historical and philosophical themes relevant to future healthcare practitioners, an activity supported in part by the History of Medicine office.  In previous years, it has held talks on the history of the Faculty of Medicine and problems in Evidence-Based Medicine.

Its members played a key role in organizing Taking Toronto’s Healthcare History, the inaugural conference on the history of healthcare in Toronto which took place in November 2012.

The first lecture for the 2012/13 session was "Health Care at the University of Toronto: The Big Scope, the Little Scope" given by Prof. Edward Shorter.

The IGHPM lecture series has now been accredited as an Interprofessional Educational Activity (IPE).  Upcoming lectures will be videoconferenced to the Mississauga Academy of Medicine.

The group maintains a mailing list to keep students appraised of potential funding opportunities and local events relating to the history and philosophy of healthcare.